What Smart Business Card is?

Writen on September 1, 2007

Business cards are part of your marketing materials. Your card should display the same design and basic information as your other marketing materials. But a business card is not a brochure or catalog, because business card space is limited, so you must choose your words and images carefully. Which information is absolutely essential? What else can you include that will help persuade a prospect to contact you? Equally important, what should you leave out? All this question is what you have to answer wisely to develop a smart business card.

The purpose of business card is to make it easy for someone to reach you. To make it happen, you need to add as much as possible this following information:

  • Business name (if there is one)
  • Your name
  • Your title
  • A phone number (or two)
  • A fax number
  • A mailing address
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your Website URL

Other things you should have on your business card is:

  • A tag line
  • Your line of work, if not clearly identified by your business name, title, or tagline
  • (Optional) Unique ability you have had. For example an accreditations you’ve earned, or other language that you can speak or work with

Now, after you decide what information will be added into the business card, another thing that you have ensure is, “how to make your business card is memorable for other people?”. The answer is on the design. There are a number of design strategies you can use to encourage a client to hold on to your business card. Most of these ideas center on providing additional information that the client might find useful in combination with your contact information.

In our design, we always try to make a business card template that fulfill all this requirement. We also make a lot of categories to make our design as more suitable with your business. You can browse our design by color, theme, card size, file type and suitable business or job.

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