Yellow Business Cards

Tenun Ikat Business Card

 Business Cards

Tenun Ikat Business Card  in the mix of brown, yellow and red. Font size for your name in bold and larger with the goal of keeping the name on your business cards stand out. Business cards are designed using CorelDraw 12 with american standard sizes. The layout of text placed in the middle of the picture so that text is not hitting.

Kickin Monkey Business Cards

Kickin Monkey Business Cards in design with three colors for the background is yellow, brown, and purple. There is a simple monkey pictures, for text layout on the left and for the image on the right. Add an attractive business card design for your card collection.

Simple Batik Business Card

 Business Cards

Kawung is a simple batik pattern from java. White circle on the dark brown background. Recently, batik designers make many new pattern looks from this kawung pattern. U can find one of the new pattern of batik kawung in this business card design. This Simple Batik Business card is ultimate choice for your unique personalities.

Manga Girl Business card

This manga business card which colored in pink, could be your preference. This fashionable card contain vector art of your favorite manga caracter . The design is simple and elegance, it will be suitable for women. This business card is fun stuff. Choose your favorite manga characters right now.

Punch Retro Business Card

This card design contain unique pattern , it’s reflecting your dinamic personality. Bright color and tricky ornament will apearing the smart and modern value of your company. you’ll never miss latest trends, pick this one!. An attractive business cards will reflect the personality of an interesting, too.

Simple Business Card 02

This is another option for simple and clean business card. I try to make a simple background, i hope you like it. Still the same with the previous business card, i design it using CorelDraw 12 software, with standard font: Arial. Card size is using United State standard