Pink Business Cards

Simple Business Card 03

Simple Business Card n design with basic background color white. With top picture is wavy so that text layout is on the bottom. This very simple design and simple fonts. But this impression of elegant design and attractive to a business card. What are you waiting, immediately complete the collection of your card design.

Retro Business Card

Retro in design the basic business card with a black background on the left there are two boxes, dabs of pink and white. In the middle there is a text box with a border of pink and white.

Design business card is designed using Corel Draw 12 United States with a standard size and the type font is simple. This design is suitable for those of you who do not like the color festive.

Colorful Business Card

A business card is the face or the introductory feature of an entrepreneur or a company. We design new nice business card for personal or commercial use. Design press-ready business cards in CorelDraw. With full-color design that is interesting to you have.