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Simple Batik Business Card

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Kawung is a simple batik pattern from java. White circle on the dark brown background. Recently, batik designers make many new pattern looks from this kawung pattern. U can find one of the new pattern of batik kawung in this business card design. This Simple Batik Business card is ultimate choice for your unique personalities.

Professional DJ Business Card

This card I design for you : Music DJ. At this business card design you can see a simple color match between green and orange. I also add a DJ tool as a point of view so people who see your card will understand that you are a DJ. It’s just like your social identity.

I design this business card using CorelDraw 12 with some additional font, by markus schroppel . You can download the font from

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Auto Service Business Card

This is our first business card template. We trying to design a business card for someone with auto service job. This card is simple and smart. As you can see, we make a phone number much bigger then the other text, so people will can see it more clearly. We also add some service provided by auto service center, e.g. “complete automobile repair” etc. You can change this service appropriate with yours.