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Green Business Card Design

 Business Cards

So you want some business card design inspiration?

This Business Card templates may suitable for you. Available in CorelDraw formats, with simple and clean design make your business card look professional.

First, download this free business card templates (click on the link that have been provided). Store to your PC. Add your company name and logo to these templates to personalize your own business cards.

Cat Abstract Bussiness Card

Cat Abstract Bussiness Card in design with CorelDraw 12 Standard sizes U.S. With text on a yellow color and a simple cat pictures. Line below the image to give the impression that cat picture cat does not wander.

With a simple green background, but gave the impression that interesting because all the fusion is made as attractive as possible.

Professional DJ Business Card

This card I design for you : Music DJ. At this business card design you can see a simple color match between green and orange. I also add a DJ tool as a point of view so people who see your card will understand that you are a DJ. It’s just like your social identity.

I design this business card using CorelDraw 12 with some additional font, by markus schroppel . You can download the font from

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Green Business Card Design 02

Designed by combining the three colors at once simple white, green, and black. With boxes at both ends made curved to make it look more attractive. Type fonts used are also simple with the aim that all the information on your card can be read clearly by others.