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Business card templates for all type job

Simple Ornament Bussiness Cards

This is our new free business card template, Simple Ornament Bussiness Cards. It’s simple in green natural color. This business card template design with CorelDraw 12 on size of United States Standards.

Download free business card templates. Just personalize with your own information. Then have your business card printed by commercial printing company or print it yourself using business card software.

Cat Abstract Bussiness Card

Cat Abstract Bussiness Card in design with CorelDraw 12 Standard sizes U.S. With text on a yellow color and a simple cat pictures. Line below the image to give the impression that cat picture cat does not wander.

With a simple green background, but gave the impression that interesting because all the fusion is made as attractive as possible.

Tenun Ikat Business Card

 Business Cards

Tenun Ikat Business Card  in the mix of brown, yellow and red. Font size for your name in bold and larger with the goal of keeping the name on your business cards stand out. Business cards are designed using CorelDraw 12 with american standard sizes. The layout of text placed in the middle of the picture so that text is not hitting.

Kickin Monkey Business Cards

Kickin Monkey Business Cards in design with three colors for the background is yellow, brown, and purple. There is a simple monkey pictures, for text layout on the left and for the image on the right. Add an attractive business card design for your card collection.

Cute Pet Business Cards

We make this Cute Pet Business Cards very simple, so you can enjoy coloring your own favorite Daschun dog . Our corel draw file will make it easier for you and easy to print this card too. Try to play with your own taste. Discover business card that may be suitable for you or your company!.

Simple Batik Business Card

 Business Cards

Kawung is a simple batik pattern from java. White circle on the dark brown background. Recently, batik designers make many new pattern looks from this kawung pattern. U can find one of the new pattern of batik kawung in this business card design. This Simple Batik Business card is ultimate choice for your unique personalities.