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Business card templates on Australian Business Card Size

Green Business Card Design

 Business Cards

So you want some business card design inspiration?

This Business Card templates may suitable for you. Available in CorelDraw formats, with simple and clean design make your business card look professional.

First, download this free business card templates (click on the link that have been provided). Store to your PC. Add your company name and logo to these templates to personalize your own business cards.

Electronic Stuff Business Card

 Business Cards

Electronic Stuff Business Card in design with CorelDraw 12 American size. For those of you who like the electronics of this card may be suitable for you. With a background full of color and ornament.

Type fonts used simply so that others also had no trouble understanding the business cards you use.So choose this design to add your name card collection.

Simple Batik Business Card

 Business Cards

Kawung is a simple batik pattern from java. White circle on the dark brown background. Recently, batik designers make many new pattern looks from this kawung pattern. U can find one of the new pattern of batik kawung in this business card design. This Simple Batik Business card is ultimate choice for your unique personalities.

Black Tree Bussiness Card Design

 Business Cards

This simple elegan business card is made for whom it may concern about earth. The cool tree picture will be perfect shelter for your company. Use this card to increase your positive value, covered by favorable design. Good luck!

Blue Mood Business Card

 Business Cards

Blue Business Card in design with a combination of two colors blue and white. With a few ornaments and drawing circles. You can place your name and position on the top. And for the addresses and phone numbers can be placed at the bottom. Blue and white color may be able to describe your mood at the moment.

Green Business Card Design 02

Designed by combining the three colors at once simple white, green, and black. With boxes at both ends made curved to make it look more attractive. Type fonts used are also simple with the aim that all the information on your card can be read clearly by others.

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